The Maenads' Rampage

Goals: 11 Trading Partners
Slay a Monster
Yearly Profit of 2000
Population of 4000

Fear is crippling nearly all of Greece. The Maenads are everywhere,
leaving cities throughout Greece in shambles. Now, Dionysus has
rallied his Maenads to attack Thebes to punish you for destroying
his home. If things are ever going to return to normal, you will
have to find a way to kill those horrible monsters and restore a
feeling of safety to the people of Greece so that trade and diplomatic
exchanges may be conducted once again.


The city that I had in the previous episode easily have me the
population goal already. You should already have nine of the eleven
required trading partners.

Before we get carried away with the trading partner goal, we must
prepare for the Maenads. You will need the help of Achilles. His
Hero's Hall will not become available until the Maenads are at the
city, but I'd suggest preparing your city for the requirements for
the Hall. Below are the requirements that your city must meet
for his appearance in your city:

- 32 Suits of Armor
- 3 Hoplite Companies or better
- A Sanctuary to Athena
- No unrest in the city
- 16 Amphorae of Wine

Okay, back to the trading partner goal. Once I killed the Maenads,
Elyusis opened a trading route with me. When I killed another
Maenad, the 11th city traded with me, and this ended the episode.

The Pretender to the Throne

Goals: Rule Calydon
Rule Argos
Rule Orchomenos
4 Sanctuaries
100 People in Estate or better

The dastardly Polynices of Orchomenos, exiled from Thebes, has stolen
the robe and necklace of Harmonia! The double-crosser has claimed the
throne of Thebes, and promised Adrastus of Argos and Tydeus of Calydon
these and other spoils if they help him take your city. You must
defeat those villains to keep what's rightfully yours.

Meanwhile, Hephaestus The Lame God, has caught his wife, Aphrodite, in
a forbidden embrace with Ares. Slowly, Hephaestus has put two and two
together and finally understood why Ares and Aphrodite had both been
so proud of Harmonia at her wedding, and why the gorgeous goddess of the
tender passions thought it necessary to spend 9 months at a beauty spa
some twenty years ago. Hotter than the metals he pounds in his forge,
Hephaestus has decided to destroy all that she holds dear, whether it be
a mortal, a monster, or a city!


The notes as I took while playing this episode were short. Basically,
you've got to have a strong military to conquer those three cities and
defend your own city against invaders. Bribery is always a smarter
way of handling things, at least in this episode.

My notes indicate that Hephaestus invaded several times, and Ares
was the person who defended the city against him.

The goal you may find difficult is the 100 people in Estate or better.
Right-click on an Elite house to see what it needs to evolve. That's
the best advice I can offer for that goal.

Once you have met the goals, it's on to a whole NEW city and adventure!

Perseus and Medusa

A New Way of Life

Goals: 500 People in Homestead or better
Produce 20 Skeins of Fleece in One Year
Yearly Profit of 500

[can't read my writing] of darkness, discord reigned in Greece and the
people lived apart from each other. Now, a new day is dawning, and the
time has come for a leader to rise up and, for the first time, draw the
people together, uniting them in a mighty city. Zeus himself has
selected you to achieve this remarkable feat and has pointed you to a
site in the Argolid. The city's name will be Argos. People will flock
to the city in hopes of learning a trade and feeding their families,
and they will expect you to provide for them.

Other would-be leaders in Greece are also trying to start new cities.
Some of them will achieve [can't read my writing] of success, while
others will fail completely. You might encounter them in your journeys.


Finally, a new map! There are a lot of rocky areas, which will not
allow for building. There are a lot of forested areas as well. This
map allows for fishing, and you'll have to do a lot of it to support
the city and its food need. There is a Marble Quarry on the map,
which will indicate that we'll probably have to mine marble for either
building a sanctuary or using it for trading (exports).

Fleece production is very important on this map, and in this episode.
To get Homesteads, they require a supply of fleece. Also, there is the
Fleece goal that you'll have to meet as well.

Troezan is the only trading city, and they only want Fleece. Requesting
Drachmas is the best and easiest way of getting the profit goal met.

If you would like to plan for the next episode, I suggest you produce
an overabundance of food. You'll run into trouble with your Fisheries
in the next episode, and will be unable to produce any Fish. So,
have a few extra Granaries full would help a great deal.

The City Grows

Goals: 640 People in Tenement or better
48 Slabs of Marble for Colony
12 Jugs of Olive Oil for Colony

Argos is beginning to thrive, and you are learning more about the
bounties that the land offers. The time has come to build a Palace
that will serve as the staff around which the scattered the people of
Greece will gather. It is also time to begin collecting taxes from your
people to help pay for the services that your city provides.

Up on Mount Olympus, the Tribunal of the River Gods has just come to
order. 'We have come to a decision in this dispute' the Head of the
Tribunal announced. "And, though both parties presented convincing
cases, we have no choice but to award Argos to Hera, wife of Zeus.
Sorry, Poseidon.' As Hera jumped up and down in glee, Poseidon's brow
furrowed, and his face became stormy. Under his breath, he vowed that
if he couldn't have Argos, no one could! You might have to turn to
Hera's husband for protection from the ruler of the sea!


I sure hope that you saved a lot of food away for this episode.

Before I jump right into the walkthrough, I have to warn you of natural
disasters. When I played this level, I encountered two earthquakes
and two tidal waves. You may run into more or fewer than that, but it
all depends on how long you are in this episode.

You are introduced to the olive oil and marble industries in this
episode. Housing will need olive oil if it is to reach the Homestead

As I mentioned before, you must store food for this level ahead of time.
Posiedon lurks the waters and will destroy a few fisheries, and curse
the others, making them useless.

Due to the fact that Poseidon is on this level, and the Sanctuary for
Zeus is available, I decided to build it. You cannot complete it on
this level, since there is no access to sculptures. But, you can get
a good jump on the building of the structure on this level, and finish
it up on a later episode when you can get sculptures. If you do decide
to build Zeus' Stronghold, it is massive in size, and it needs a lot
of supplies.

Calydon - Artemis' Revenge

Goals: Slay a Monster
Sanctuary to Hermes
Yearly Profit of 500
8 Pieces of Sculpture for Parent City

Life has been tough on Artemis lately. First, her beloved Kernyeian
Hind, a majestic stag, was wounded by Hercules who was trying to capture
the animal. Then, the people in and around the region of Calydon refused
to worship her properly. The depressed Artemis turned to her Menagerie
of animals for solace and, when she saw her mighty boar, snorting and
snarling in his pen, her eyes lit up, and a small smile played across
her face…


Calydon is a fairly small map. There isn't much in terms of meadow
areas. There is a TON of timber here waiting for chopping.

With the limited amount of meadow, you will be introduced to a new
supply of food: pork. You'll have to build Hunting Lodges to hunt
the wild boar, which will make some tasty pork for your fine citizens.

Try to refrain from building in the upper-left corner of the map.
That's where the Calydonian Boar will enter your city, and anything
within reach will be turned to rubble.

Ok, back to food. Use that meadow area for goats. You should be able
to place a dozen or so (eventually) Dairies along a nearby road, leading
to a "Cheese Accepting" granary. Build Hunting Lodges to spear the wild
boar on the map. They'll bring their animal back to the lodge, and turn
it into pork, which is fine eating. If you are lucky enough to produce
an overabundance of cheese, you can export it to Mycenae.

For Hermes' Sanctuary, you will need to import sculptures and marble.
When you import sculptures, don't import too many. You only need two.
You have access to wood, so that won't be a problem.

According to the Impressions walkthrough, you will be receiving gifts of
48 marble and 24 olive oil from Argos in this episode. This wasn't in my
notes, so I can't verify if this is true. If anyone can, email me,

According to my notes, Ethiopia wanted to invade. I do remember this,
and it only happened once I believe. I bribed them so I wouldn't have
to deal with them.

Back to the Calydonian Boar. In order to kill this beast, you'll need
to seek the help of Theseus.

Requirements for his presence:
- Build Hall near the Palace
- Good appeal around the Hall
- Hall is protected by walls
- 32 Slabs of marble
- 16 Amphorae of wine

This dude is picky about his requirements. For the walls, you need a
Gatehouse to allow roads in and out. You'll need walls around the Hall
to protect it. For appeal, this is hard sometimes. Depending on how
much space surrounds the Hall, this could either be easy or difficult.
The more room, the better. You'll have to place anything of high appeal
near the Hall. Free commemorative monuments work well for this if
you have a few left over. Fish Ponds work well as well, since they are
big, and bigger objects will spread the appeal value over a further
distance than a small object.

The Hero Perseus

Goals: Fulfill a forthcoming quest
Fulfill a forthcoming quest
48 Slabs of Marble for Colony
24 Jugs of Olive Oil for Colony

Poseidon continues his onslaught on Argos and is determined to destroy
the city, and the word around the agora is that the god might also
enlist the aid of one of his consorts to turn your city to stone!
Only Perseus, who is off founding the city of MyCenae, will be able to
help you slay the monster. But even this worthy hero won't be able to
defeat the creature by himself. He will need some magical items to
vanquish this unsightly foe.

Some clever herders have discovered how to tame the wild goat. At a
Dairy, they goat's rich milk will soon be made into succulent cheese
that your citizens find quite tasty.


A Colony Monument will become available once you start the episode.

Use the Dairies to produce cheese for the city. Also, the introduction
didn't mention Elite Houses. You don't need them for this episode,
but they oay higher taxes, which is great.

Ethiopia will demand supplies of olive oil from you.

When the quest is announced, build the Hero's Hall for Perseus.

- A Sanctuary to Athena
- A Sanctuary to Hermes
- 3000 Drachmas
- 16 Skeins of Fleece
- 6 Pieces of Sculpture

Once you've met the requirements, send Perseus on his way to do the

Miletos - The Eastern Frontier

Goals: Slay a Monster
Fulfill a Forthcoming Request
Rule Ethiopia
16 Sheaves of Wheat for Parent City
24 Planks of Wood for Parent City
8 Bars of Bronze for Parent City

No Greek has ventured this far east before, across the great sea, and
you'll have to tread very softly to start a city in this land. Great
nations shoulder against each other here, and they'll be suspicious
of you, a newcomer. Cassiopeia, Queen of Ethiopia, will be particularly
annoyed that you have come near her territory. But she has much bigger
things to worry about. Ever the proud mother, Cassiopeia boasted that
her own daughter, Andromeda, is more beautiful than Poseidon's daughters,
the Nereids. Now, Andromeda is to be fed to the Kraken, and Casiopeia
is devastated. If you can find a way to rescue Andromeda, the powerful
Cassiopeia will certainly appreciate it, and you may gain a valuable

The fleet-footed Hermes has also been spotted in the area, looking for
Perseus. The god says that he's seen an item in his travels that Perseus
might find useful.

While the Kraken roams free, life along the water might be difficult,
and trade might be prone to disruption. Look to other cities, even your
rivals, for the things you need. Worshipping the gods also can be a boon
to you, as any of their sanctuaries have valuable resources of their


Ahh, a new map, and another colony to build.

Let's see what the map and control panel tell us. There are three
breeding areas for Boars, which will serve as a major food resource.
There is more than enough woodland. We are given the Timber Mill,
which will show that we'll have to do some chopping eventually. Also,
none of the cities currently buy wood. We do get access to a Mint,
which requires silver, which is available at the bottom-lefthand corner
on the map. We also get a Sculpture Studio, which needs bronze.

The introduction warns you of Kraken, which is an ugly dude.
Unfortunately, your city doesn't produce very much. One thing that you
need is fleece. You have to have that for your housing evolution.
You should start importing goods before Kraken arrives in the waters.

Cyprus will soon be discovered by explorers. Cyprus will sell you
bronze, which will be needed for building sculptures. Cyprus will
buy Wine.

Argos will give you gifts of fleece.

Hermes will eventually announce his quest for Perseus. Perseus needs
the following:

- A Sanctuary to Athena
- A Sanctuary to Hermes
- 3000 Drachmas
- 16 Skeins of Fleece
- 6 Pieces of Sculpture

To get the marble for the sanctuaries, you'll have to request it from
Argos. Sculptures can be made from bronze, which you can import via
land trade from Cyprus.

The Impressions walkthrough suggests that you limit your population
at 1000. Try doing that! It's virtually impossible producing
sufficient amounts of food for populations much larger than that.

The sooner you are able to defeat Kraken the better. This will
allow you to build Piers along the river for trade. You can also
use the riverbank for a few fisheries.

At one point or another, a city will trade wood, which will be great
for you, since you can produce a ton of it. My notes say that this
place is Egypt. They buy wood and wine, and sell wheat and armor.
You could always import wheat (hint, hint) if you have a food problem.

Argos will request food at one point.

Let's talk money. Importing wheat isn't a very expensive situation,
but importing bronze is. You can also import fleece from Argos,
which can be an expensive proposition as well. So, how do you
compensate for all of this spending? There are several ways.

I suggest exporting wood, you can cut down a lot of timber. Taxes.
The higher the house has evolved, the more taxes they pay. Wine.
A lot of the cities buy wine. You can open a wine industry. But,
you'll need the Grove of Dionysus. Mints. You can harvest the silver
from the nearby silver-ore bearing rocks. Also, you can build a
Sanctuary to Hades. His sanctuary has two large chunks of silver-ore
bearing rocks, which can be harvested. If you place the Mints just right,
Hades can walk by them and bless them, thus turning out 4x the normal
amount of drachmas. Hades can also bless Tax Collectors, which will
temporary increase the amount of taxes the people pay. You can pray
to Hades, and he'll give you something like 4200 Drachmas. This
is a problem. You can only build one or the other, either a sanctuary
for Dionysus or one for Hades. I went the route of Hades, but it's your
decision. Building more Mints will help out by bringing in more silver
and Drachmas.

The Gorgon, or The Bad Hair Day

Goals: 4 Sanctuaries
Population of 4500
Treasury of 10000
Support 16 Horsemen
Produce 32 Jugs of Olive Oil in One Year
Slay A Monster

Just as you are about to bring Argos into its full glory, some long-
period trouble has reared its ugly head. That ugly head belongs to
Medusa, a consort of Poseidon, who has taken up the god's cause and
vows to crush Argos! If you don't find a way to vanquish the Gorgon,
she might soon turn your entire city to stone!

As you find a away to slay the horrible beast, you must continue to
guide Argos to its destiny. Diverse people continue to come to your
city from far and near, and they will want diverse gods to worship.
You should also take care of your colonies, making sure that they
both enjoy all the resources available to Argos. The city will be
a shining example of what can be achieved when people band together.


If you built the sanctuary for Hades, now is the time for the one for
Dionysus. If you built the one for Dionysus, now is the time for
the one for Hades.

This episode will require you to build Elite Housing. In theory,
you only need four elite houses to meet the 16 horsemen goal.
You'll need to import wheat for the Horse Ranches to produce horses.
You'll need bronze to produce armor.

You will have to slay Medusa. To do so, you'll need Perseus. His
requirements are:

- A Sanctuary to Athena
- A Sanctuary to Hermes
- 3000 Drachmas
- 16 Skeins of Fleece
- 6 Pieces of Sculpture

At one point, you'll receive a request for help from an ally. You can
build the Hero's Hall for Theseus if you want, but it's not necessary.
I believe I either sent my horsemen or I sent Perseus instead.

Athens Through The Ages

Unlikely Beginnings

Goals: Produce 12 Skeins of Fleece for colony
Produce 12 Baskets of Fish for colony
500 People in Homestead or better

The land here is desolate and bare, but then so is most land in
mountainous Greece. It's a good place as any to establish a city,
and you hve your good friend Theseus to help you. He's out and about
in Attica, visiting other small cities in the region and convincing
them that they should place themselves under your wing. Though the
city of Athens itself might not have the resources to prosper, perhaps
it can grow into a mighty city once it is banded together with its

There's only one problem with claiming land in Attica. Minos, King of
Knossos and master of the Minotaur, calls this land his own and won't
take too kindly to someone trying to build a new city upon it.


Upper left-hand corner has a small stream, some timber, and a fair
amount of meadow. Bottom left-hand corner has a lot of timber. A
little to the right of the timber is a large amount of rocky
outcroppings with timber and a plateau on the top. The bottom right-
hand corner has a lot of timber. The upper right-hand corner has the
same sort of rocky formation as described earlier, with the exception
of the plateau. On this plateau, there is a meadow.

There really isn't much here. Cheese is your only source of food.
There aren't any industries. Since there wasn't much in the panel,
I chose to check out the World Map to see what kind of trouble I
had to deal with. I was amazed when I saw all the cities. The
majority of them haven't blossomed and become a great city yet,
but I'm sure they will at one point. You currently have four
rivals (Delus, Knossos, Sardis, and Hattusas), while you only have
two allies (Sparta and Corinth). There is no Palace or Piers in the

Your housing block should be small, and centered on the western
half of meadow area in the top left-hand corner. Before you
build your city, READ this walkthrough!

I'm gonna give you the chain of events that I encountered during
this episode.

Thermopylai will blossom. They will be an Ally. They buy Import
Wheat and Olives, and they Export Fish.

Knossos will want to invade. Bribing cost me 150 Drachmas.

Marathon blossoms. They are an ally. They Import Fleece and Olive
Oil, and they Export Wheat and Wine.

A month after Knossos invaded, the Minotaur entered the city.

Thermopylai will sell more fleece.

Marathon will become your vassal, and pay you 400 Drachmas in Tribute.

Knossos will request Drachmas.

Knossos will invade again, costing me 150 Drachmas in bribery.

Thermopylai will become your vassal, and pay you 6 Baskets of Fish in

Got a gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Thermopylai.

My entire city had the following:

- 1 Infirmary
- 1 Fountain
- 2 Granaries
- 13 Dairies
- 2 Maintenance Offices
- 1 Trading Post for Thermopylai
- 1 College
- 1 Podium
- 18 Housing Plots, which housed 432 people (Hovel)
576 people (Homestead) **

** - This was after I got Fleece. I needed the Fleece to upgrade
the housing to meet the goal, plus I needed some Fleece for the

With my city, I had 66 people (22%) unemployed. Don't worry about this
whole unemployment thing, because it will be soaked up in the next

Remember, cheese is your friend. My city was a lean, mean, cheese
producing machine. If have more than two granaries full of cheese,
you can always give some of it away as gifts to Thermopylai and

Breaking the Bonds

Goals: Rule Knossos
Support 1 Trireme
Support 4 Hoplites or Better
10 People in Mansion or Better

Minos and his Minotaur, son of Minos' Queen Pasiphae and a bull, still
plague Athens. The time has come to cast off these burdens for good
to prove that Athens can stand on its own two feet. You must call
Theseus, who is still traveling around Attica, back to the city, for
only he can help you vanquish the minotaur. You'll also need a sleek
and powerful trireme to sail to Crete to defeat Minos.


I immediately went to the world map to see if anything had changed. You
will gain another Ally, Plataia. They buy sculpture and sell carrots.

You will be given the opportunity to build Elite Houses in this episode.
In addition to the Elite Housing, you can build a Palace, Tax Collector,
Gymnasium, Hermes' Refuge, Hero's Hall for Theseus, Artisans' Guild, Wall,
Gatehouse, Trireme Wharf, and you'll get the Aesthetics back.

Sparta and Corinth will request Olive Oil from you. Deny them their
requests. Neither city does anything good for you.

Odessos will blossom. They will be an Ally, who buys Grapes and Olive
Oil, and sells Wheat and Marble.

Sparta needs Olive Oil.

Eretria blossoms. They will be an Ally, who buys Wheat and Olive Oil,
and sells Wine.

Odessos becomes Vassal who will send 8 Slabs of Marble as tribute.

Olympia will blossom. They will be an Ally, who doesn't do any trading

Gift of 16 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.

Gift of 15 Suite of Armor from Olympia.

Knossos demands 100 Drachmas.

Earthquake in Southeast corner of map.

Gift of 5 Planks of Olive Oil from Olympia.

Gift of 8 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.

Gift of 5 Planks of Wood from Olympia.

Knossos invades. Bribe costs 200 Drachmas.

Corinth sells more fleece.

Gift of 10 Suits of Armor from Olympia.

Gift of 9 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.

Knossos invades. Bribe costs 175 Drachmas.

Gift of 5 Planks of Wood from Olympia.

Knossos invades. Bribe costs 200 Drachmas.

It was time to invade Knossos. I put up with enough of their crap.
Taking them down wasn't easy. It took Theseus, all 24 of my Hoplites,
and a military strike by an Ally to take down Knossos.

You now get to decide between two colonies. I will cover them both,
in the way I went through them.

Amphipolis - Land of Plenty

Goals: Produce 12 Bars of Bronze in One Year
16 Bars of Bronze for Parent City
Produce 16 Planks of Wood in One Year
24 Planks of Wood for Parent City
Produce 24 Slabs of Marble in One Year
32 Slabs of Marble for Parent City

Theseus' dear friend Pirthous, leader of the Lapiths, happily wed
Hippodamia in a sumpluous ceremony that featured the best food and wine
that Greece has to offer. When the thirsty centaurs heard about the
ceremony, they couldn't resist the prospect of drinking the delicious
wine, and attended the ceremony uninvited. Pirthous and Hippodamia
graciously greeted the centaurs at first, but centaurs aren't known for
their self-control, and they were soon completely drunk. The bespotted
centaurs then did the unthinkable: They attempted to kidnap the bride!
Pirthous was so outraged he has declared war on the centaurs, and
Theseus has beseeched us to provide Pirthous with the raw materials
he needs to make armor to help him in the war.

An outpost here in Amphipolis will be perfectly suited to provide the
raw materials that Pirthous needs the centaurs, however, are well aware
of the bounty of the land around Amphipolis, and may prove to be
unwelcome visitors again.


There is a ton of timber on this map. The growth of timber follows the
'kingdom road' on the left-hand side of the map. A river runs up the
middle of the map. The bottom right-hand corner has timber and a large
Marble Quarry. There is more timber at the top right-hand corner corner.
If you look VERY close at the rocks, you'll see some copper-ore deposits.
This is even easier to see if you are looking at the overview map.

You can build the following: Fishery, Timber Mill, Masonry Shop, Foundry,
Palace, Tax Office, and the usual stuff.

This city has only one purpose: turn out materials. This is basically
a factory city. You just have to continue to churn out wood, marble,
and copper for the other cities in Greece.

This is an extremely simple episode to win. You don't need to worry
about evolving your housing every high, since you only need a small
population to get the industries up and running.

Olympia buys more Marble.

Corinth buys more Marble.

Corinth buys more Marble.

Gift of 12 Amporae of Wine from Eretria.

Olympia buys more Marble.

Mt. Pelion Invades. Bribe costs 150 Drachmas.

Olympia buys more Marble.

Mt. Pelion Invades. Bribe costs 200 Drachmas.

Mt. Pelion Invades. Bribe costs 100 Drachmas.

Mt. Pelion Invades. Bribe costs 150 Drachmas.

Invasions will probably keep coming, so get out of there. I just wanted
to stick in there a little while so I had more money for the next episode.

Revolt in Ionia

Goals: Rule Sardis
Rule Delos
Support 3 Triremes
960 People in Homestead or better
480 People in Tenement or better

What wise sage advised to hold your friends close and your enemies even
closer? Hippias, coward exiled from Athens long ago, has whispered his
plans to [can't read my writing] you in the ear of Darius, King of
Persia. Hippias has promised Darius eternal servitude if the king agrees
to help him! Now, the battle has started, and Delos has entered the fray,
revolting aainst the Persian city of Sardis. The clarion call has been
sounded throughout Greece, and most city-states have agreed to set aside
their differences and unite in one Greek front to help Delos and turn
back Persians! Only Sparta and Corinth have turned a deaf ear on the
cry of our Greek brother!


Colony Monument is available immediately

This is how the World Map looks:

Amphipolis (Colony) - Buys Nothing Sells Fish Tribute: 16 Marble

Odessos (Vassal) - Buys Grapes Sells Wheat Tribute: 8 Marble
Olive Oil Marble

Mt. Pelion (Rival) - Needs Wine Produces Bronze

Thermopylai (Vassal) - Buys Wheat Sells Fish Tribute: 6 Fish
Olives Fleece

Eretria (Ally) - Buys Wheat Sells Wine
Olive Oil

Plataia (Ally) - Buys Sculptures Sells Carrots

Marathon (Vassal) - Buys Fleece Sells Wheat Tribute: 400 Drach.
Olive Oil Wine

Corinth (Ally) - Buys Marble Sells Fleece

Olympia (Ally) - Buys Marble Sells Nothing

Sparta (Ally) - Buys Nothing Sells Nothing

Delos (Rival) - Needs Marble Produces Fish
Olive Oil Grapes

Knossos (Vassal) - Buys Nothing Sells Wood Tribute: 6 Wheat

Hattusas (Rival) - Needs Nothing Produces Nothing

Sardis (Rival) - Needs Nothing Produces Nothing

You should already have the housing goals met by now.

The Sculpture Studio and Winery are both available now.


Delos wants to become Ally.

Eretria sells more Grapes.

Olympia sells more Olive Oil.

Sardis will conquer Delos.

Sparta requests Olive Oil.

Corinth requests Olive Oil.

Military decline at Delos.

Sparts needs Olive Oil.

Gift of 7 Suits of Armor from Olympia.

Military decline at Sardis.

Gift of 12 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.

Corinth requests Olive Oil.

Gift of 769 Drachmas from Delos.

Olympia requests Wine.

Gift of 24 Skeins of Fleece from Corinth.

Amphipolis sells more Bronze.

Gift of 7 Suits of Armor from Olympia.

Amphipolis sells more Bronze.

Corinth becomes Rival.

Gift of 770 Drachmas from Delos.

Olympia requests Wine.

Sparta becomes Rival.

6 Hoplite Companies and 3 Triremes took Delos. They are now my Vassal,
and they will pay a 6 Fish Tribute.

Gift of 7 Suits of Armor from Olympia.

I conquered Mt. Pelion. They are now my Vassal, and they will pay a
6 Bronze Tribute.

Gift of 556 Drachmas from Delos

Amphipolis sells less Bronze.

Amphipolis sells more Bronze.

Olympia needs Wine.

Gift of 7 Suits of Armor from Olympia.

Gift of 672 Drachmas from Delos.

Gift of 12 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.

Olympia needs Wine.

Gift of 7 Suits of Armor from Olympia.

Amphipolis sells more Bronze.

Gift of 748 Drachmas from Delos.

Invasion of Sardis failed.

Gift of 12 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.

Gift of 513 Drachmas from Delos.

Amphipolis sells less Bronze.

Olympia needs Wine.

Sardis Invades. Bribe costs 525 Drachmas.

Knossos Military Strike on Sardis is unsuccessful.

Amphipolis sells more bronze.

Sardis is conquered!!

Now, you get to go to the Colony that you didn't choose. So, in my case,
I'll be heading to Laurion.

The housing requirements should already be met. Now is the time to really
start to work on expanding your city. Build two more regular housing
blocks, and one more Elite Housing block. You will need the extra workers
(common housing) to man the Triremes, which need 100 employees each.

Conquering Mt. Pelion would be a good idea here. You can get a more steady
supply of armor for your growing army. You also need to start to produce
a larger army, which will be needed to conquer all of the other city-states.

In order to fatten your bankroll, import Bronze, and turn it into sculpture
to sell it to Plataia. Sculptures bring in something like 640 drachmas,
which is quite a chunk of money.

Olympia will demand wine, so give it to them, as you need their Olive
Oil. Continue to ignore Sparta and Corinth. They will eventually become
enemies, and there's no stopping that, so just ignore them.

With this growing city, you need to watch your food levels. If you are
low, I suggest going with cheese. Instead of just adding a bunch of
Dairies, put more Goats in the Meadow. Continue to add more Goats until
you get a message at the top of the screen that says you need to build
more Dairies before you can build more Goats. Doing this will get the
remaining workers from the Dairies. If you find that you're producing
WAY too much cheese, then give gifts of it to other cities.

As for military, all I can say is build a big one, because you will need
it now, and especially as you go further in this Adventure.

Laurion - The Silver Mines

Goals: Treasury of 7500
Yearly Profit of 1500
8 Bars of Bronze for Parent City

Establishing a city here will be a boon to Athens. There is plenty of
Silver Ore to be had here, silver that can be minted into the Drachmas
that Athens will need to thrive. Living here won't be easy, though,
because the land is very unkind.


Sardis is not under our control anymore.

This map absolutely sucks. The map is very small, and has only a small
area to build your colony. Don't build anything in the valley!!!

Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Athens.

Athens requests 1000 Drachmas.

Gift of 12 Skeins of Fleece from Athens.

Earthquake in the valley.

Gift of 10 Baskets of Fish from Athens.

Athens requests 862 Drachmas.

Here is a list of the things I built that allowed me to win:

- 2 Infirmaries
- 1 College
- 1 Podium
- 1 Granary
- 2 Storehouses
- 1 Trading Post for Athens
- 1 Trading Post for Olympia
- Food Vendor
- Fleece Vendor
- 3 Maintenance Offices
- 24 Homesteads
- 3 Hovels
- 1 Shack
- 3 Huts
- 5 Foundries
- 13 Mints
- 1 Fountain

This resulted in a population of 880 with 19 (4%) unemployed.


- Rule Marathon
- Rule Hattusas
- Rule Eretria

Darius has indeed remembered the Athenians, and now he, his son Xerxes,
and the entire Persian War Machine are on their way to Greece to
avange the humiliating defeat we handed the barbarians! Darius and the
Persian fleet have set a swath of destruction through the Aegean, and
Xerxes with Persian army, having already put down rebellions in Egypt
and Babylonia, are marching towards us from the north. Already, Mount
Pelion and Ithome have submitted to the Persians.

After a conference on the Isthmus of Corinth, all city-states in Greece
have agreed to unite to force the latest barbarian threat. Even
Corinth and Sparta agreed to go on the alliance, albiet reluctantly.
Even with all of Greece united, putting down the Persian military is
a daunting task.


Just after seeing the name of this episode, war immediately jumped in
my head. This episode and the next one are full of battles, and it's
time to sharpen your military knowledge.

Colony Monument is available immediately.

New Industry: Olive Press
New Culture: Stadium
New Military: Armory

Sparta becomes Ally.

Corinth becomes Ally.

I conquered Ithome! - Vassal - 5 Cheese Tribute

Delos needs military aid.

Knossos buys more Cheese.

Sardis requests 1500 Drachmas.

Knossos sells more Olive Oil.

Sardis conquers Eretria.

Hattusas demands 1500 Drachmas.

Hattusas demands 2500 Drachmas.

Gift of 12 Planks of Wood from Knossos.

Thermopylai sells more Fleece.

I conquered Eretria! - Vassal - 4 Grapes Tribute

Hattusas demands 4000 Drachmas.

Marathon needs military aid.

Olympia sells more Olive Oil.

Gift of 679 Drachmas from Laurion.

Odessos needs military aid.

Military decline at Hattusas.

Gift of 726 Drachmas from Laurion.

Gift of 24 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.

Ithome becomes Rival.

Gift of 12 Suits of Armor from Mt. Pelion.

Mt. Pelion becomes Rival.

Corinth Attacks Sardis - Needs Troops

Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Thermopylai.

I conquered Ithome! — Vassal - 5 Cheese Tribute

Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Delos

With our military aid, we and Corinth were able to conquer Sardis, and
they are now an Ally who buys Olive Oil.

Gift of 12 Jugs of Olive Oil from Knossos.

Laurion requests 9 crates of food.

Gift of 617 Drachmas from Laurion.

Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Marathon.

I conquered Mt. Pelion!

Thermopylai being attacked - Needs military aid.

Gift of 12 Jugs of Olive Oil from Knossos.

Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Amphipolis.

Hattusas Invades. Bribe costs 3000 Drachmas.

Gift of 11 Amphorae of Wine from Eretria.

Military decline at Hattusas.

Plataia under attack - Needs military aid.

Hattusas is vulnerable.

Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Odessos.

Gift of 24 Bars of Bronze from Laurion.

Gift of 12 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.

Gift of 620 Drachmas from Laurion.

Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Thermopylai.

We conquered Hattusas!!

A Bride For a Hero

Goals: Rule Sparta
Rule Eretria
Rule Corinth
Slay a Monster
Sanctuary to Apollo
960 People in Tenement or better

Your old friend Theseus has one of the strangest habits. He's never
satisfied with his current wife and is always on the lookout for a
new bride. Antiope, sister of amazon queen, Hippolyte, is the latest
woman to catch his eye, and he has abducted her. The Amazon nation
is lot likely to stand idly by and just let their queen go.

Meanwhile, strange things are afoot in Sparta and Corinth. Spies report
that both cities are mobilizing their military forces in what can only
be [can't read my writing] purpose. The Oracle of Apollo will come in
handy to help you keep a watchful eye on their cities, but ultimately,
Sparta must be subdued if you are going to fulfill your destiny.

In the middle of all these troubles is Artemis. The Amazons and Spartans
are both her people, and she's bound to do something to help the both of
them. Ares, too, loves these warlike people, so don't be surprised if he
gets involved.


There are only two changes in the panel: Horse Ranch and Oracle of

World Map
Corinth and Sparta are Rivals. Olympia is a Rival. Elis, Taras, and
Themiscyra have all blossomed into Rivals.

I already had Eretria is a Vassal. Also, my housing goal was met.

Sparta requests 12 Amphorae of Wine.

Marathon sells less Wine.

Themiscyra attacks Athens - Needs Troops

We conquered Themiscyra - Vassal - 4 Wood Tribute

Sparta requests 16 Amphorae of Wine.

Knossos sells more Olive Oil.

Sparta demands 24 Amphorae of Wine.

Dragon in City - Northeast Corner

Eretria under attack

Gift of 12 or 17? (Can't read my writing) of Fleece from Ithome.

Eretria under attack.

Gift of 376 Drachmas from Laurion.

Eretria under attack.

Laurion needs 8 Crates of Food.

Gift of 59 Sheaves of Wheat from Delos.

Gift of 12 Sheaves of Wheat from Marathon.

Eretria under attack.

Knossos under attack.

Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Odessos.

Gift of 456 Drachmas from Laurion.

Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Thermopylai.

Gift of 24 Bars of Bronze from Amphipolis.

Gift of 12 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.

Gift of 12 Suits of Armor from Mt. Pelion.

Thermopylai under attack.

Marathon and Eretria are both under attack.

Gift of 12 Skeins of Fleece from Ithome.

Military decline at Corinth.
We conquered Taras - Vassal - Buys Armor & Olive Oil - Sells Fleece &

Sparta Invades - Bribe costs 750 Drachmas.

Gift of 12 Planks of Wood from Knossos.

Marathon under attack.

Gift of 330 Drachmas from Laurion.

Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from [My notes don't say]

Eretria under attack

Gift of 16 Jars of Olives from Ithome.

We conquered Sparta! - Vassal - 3 Previous Strikes by other cities failed
They will pay 12 Armor for Tribute.

Military decline at Sparta.

Gift of 371 Drachmas from Laurion

We conquered Elis! - Vassal - Pays 7 Carrots in Tribute.

Gift of 12 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.

We conquered Olympia! - Vassal - Pays 4 Fleece in Tribute

Eretria needs 8 Crates of Food.

Gift of 24 Skeins of Fleece from Thermopylai.

Gift of 18 Wheels of Cheese from Ithome.

Gift of 12 Jugs of Olives from Ithome.

Gift of 12 Bunches of Grapes from Eretria.

Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble for Odessos.

We conquered Corinth!!

The Hero's Habit

Goals: 3 Sanctuaries
Population of 5000
200 People in Estate or better
2400 People in Apartment or better
Yearly Profit of 2500
Fulfill a forthcoming quest

The time has come to build Athens into the greatest city Greece - The
World - has ever known. Athens will be a center of culture and
learning, and the greatest heros will call the city home. Only a few,
monsterous obstacles remain in between you and the glorious destiny.
Defeating three monsters could open up new possibilities.

Theseus' womanizing habits [can't read my writing] have to cause
problems for those associated with him. He and his best friend,
Pirthous, havd decided that they must marry daughters of Zeus. Theseus
and Pirthous are planning to raid the Underworld and steal Hades'
wife, Persephone. If Hades wouldn't let Persephone go back to her own
mother, he surely won't give her up to Pirithous and Theseus!

Meanwhile, Hercules has been off in the land of Elis, serving as King
Augeas' stable boy. He'll be looking for a new challenge soon, and Demeter
might just have that for him. Jealous of Artemis' Menagerie of animals,
she has been looking for some livestock to call her own.


The Arbor of Athena is the only new item in this episode.

The map is all the same as far as I can see.

Gift of 12 Planks of Wood from Knossos.

Gift of 36 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.

Gift of 12 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.

Gift of 12 Bunches of Grapes from Delos.

Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Elis.

Ithome sells more Olives.

Gift of 12 Bars of Bronze from Mt. Pelion.

Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Oddessos.

Hades Invades.

Cerberus is unleashed by Hades.

Hercules Hall is available.

Marathon sells more Wheat.

Cerberus slain.

Gift of 24 Bars of Bronze from Laurion.

Quest for Red Cattle announced. This will require Hercules.

Gift of 12 Skeins of Fleece from Taras.

Gift of 24 Skeins of Fleece from Thermopylai.

Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Amphipolis.

Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Eretria.

Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Delos.

Marathon sells more Wine.

Gift of 12 Suits of Armor from Mt. Pelion.

Minotaur in City.

Theseus Hall is available.

Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Evis.

Gift of 24 Jars of Olives from Ithome.

Gift of 25 Slabs of Marble from Amphipolis.

Gift of 12 Planks of Wood from Knossos.

Plataia sells more Carrots.

Ares Invades.

Ares releases Dragon.

Jason's Hall is available.

Gift of 21 Wheels of Cheese from Ithome.

Gift of 24 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.

Gift of 12 Baskets of Fish from Delos.

Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Marathon.

Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Amphipolis.

Gift of 24 Skeins of Fleece from Corinth.

Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Marathon.

Laurion needs 9 Crates of Food.

Lava errupts in the Southwest corner of map.

Gift of 24 Slabs of Marble from Odessos.

Gift of 12 Bars of Bronze from Mt. Pelion.

Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Eretria.

Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Marathon.

Gift of 24 Jars of Olives from Ithome.

Amphipolis sells more Fish.

Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Elis.

Gift of 24 Bushels of Carrots from Plataia.

Gift of 17 Skeins of Fleece from Ithome.

Gift of 12 Bunches of Grapes from Delos.

Gift of 12 Amphorae of Wine from Eretria.

Gift of 24 Skeins of Fleece from Thermopylai.

Gift of 12 Bunches of Grapes from Delos.

Gift of 36 Jugs of Olive Oil from Olympia.


The Voyages of Jason

Rescuing a Hero

Goals: Fulfill a forthcoming quest
Slay a Monster
Treasury of 3,000

Zeus has put a curse on your family, the house of Aeolus, decreeing that
it shall never rule an empire. There is only one way to lift the curse,
and you will need the help of three of Greece's most famous heroes.
Theseus purportedly knows more about this curse, but Hades is holding the
hero captive in the Underworld, and the great god will loose Cerberus
upon anyone who dares to interfere with his plans for Theseus!

Meanwhile, all of Greece is talking over the Centaurs' latest antics at
Pirthous' wedding. Intoxicated as usual, the Centaurs ruined the ceremony
when they tried to carry off the bride. Now, the Centaurs are on a
drunken rampage through Greece, looking for more wine, and leaders of
cities everywhere are jealously hoarding their supplies of the beverage.
You would be wise to do the same should you receive some.


Start your first housing block in the northwest corner of the map, near
the immigration point. This is the best starting point.

As with all cities, you must concentrate your production on food and
fleece, as those are the first two essential building blocks for
upgrading your housing. For food, you can produce cheese. Produce
cheese until it's coming out of your citizens' ears, and when you have
too much, either export it or send it off as gifts.

Early in this episode, two important events will take place: a quest, and
you will be offered a gift of wine. The quest will require Hercules.
Hercules' hall needs wine in the city, so be sure to accept that gift.

Build Hercules' hall, and right-click on it to see what else it needs.
Hercules' Hall requires lots of cultural access, so that is an important

Due to the nature of gifts of wine, build a Storehouse that's geared to
"accepting" only wine. Due to the lack of Olive Oil here, you can only
gain "tenement" level for your housing. These hold 40 people a piece,
so to gain the 1500 population for Hercules' hall, you'll need 38 full

Stymphalus will request food and wood on occasion. They are your rivals,
so it's up to you whether or not you send them what they want. If
they attack because you didn't give them the goods they wanted, try bribing

Cerberus will make its way into the city north of the eastern meadow. He
will kill and people or sheep that get in its path, as well as destroy any
nearby buildings.

When your population is large enough, you can begin your wood industry.
Lemnos is importing it, so sell it to them.

Then, it's all up to Hercules to do the quest and kill Cerberus.

Return of Theseus

Goals: Fulfill a forthcoming quest
Slay a Monster

The immortals are quite busy these days! Dionysus has become aware that
you were instrumental in freeing Theseus from the Underworld! The god
is quite please by this news because he needs Theseus' help. Who knows?
Maybe if you can convince Theseus to help Dionysus, the God of the Vine
might reward you.

Unlike Dionysus, Artemis is completely fed up with mortals. It seems
that a goddess cannot bathe anywhere any more without some mortal
peeping at her. The goddess is so completely disgusted that she's
decided to release her entire collection of oversized stags, boars, lions,
and hares into the world to vent a fury on all mortals.

If you ever find yourself in need of Theseus' help, you should know that
his Hall must be located close to the city's Palace. After you build the
Hall, right-click on it to see if you have it close enough.


You will get the opportunity for going on yet another quest. However,
before that happens, continue to trade wood, cheese, and fleece.
Theseus will eventually become available for the quest. You are also
given the opportunity to build a Palace, which will allow you to make
a military, and you'll also need the Palace, since Theseus' Hall must
be built near it.

You should be receiving plenty of wine and marble in gifts. You can
send excess cheese, wood, and fleece away as gifts. If the Calydonian
Boar hasn't appeared int he city at this point, send Theseus on the quest.

A New Hero Arrives

Goals: Fulfill a forthcoming quest
Treasury of 5,000
24 Jugs of Olive Oil for Colony
24 Skeins of Fleece for Colony
24 Sheaves of Wheat for Colony

Before Theseus left your city, he told you a sad story: 'Once, two
children, Phrixus and Helle, were in grave danger and tried to escape
across the sea on the back of a golden, winged ram. Helle lost her grip
on the animal and plunged into the sea, but Phrixus managed to hold on.
When he arrived in Colchis, he sacrificed the ram to Zeus and gave King
Aeetus, Colchis' ruler, the fleece. Retrieve th Golden Fleece, and
Zeus' curse will be lifted, but returning the fleece to Greece - hee hee,
that rhymes! - won't be easy. You'll require the services of a third,
great hero.

In other news, Hercules has been busy scaring birds away from Stymphalus.
These weren't your garden-variety sparrows! These were huge, ravenous
birds that weren't picky about what they put in their beaks: animals,
crops, humans - everything tasted good to them. Luckily, Hercules
managed to drive the birds away with Hephaestus' castanets - though
no one is sure if it as the noise of the castanets that scared the
birds off, or the flamenco that Hercules performed as an accompaniment.
Regardless, Agapenon, the leader of Stymphalus, is very thankful for
Hercules' help.

When you honor Athena with a sanctuary, she will plant a sacred grove
of olive trees for your citizens, and you can ask her for gifts of
olives and olive oil. You will certainly need her help to suceed here.


Elite Housing and the Arbor of Athena have to be two missions here.
Athena will be needed to provide Olive Oil for the Elite Housing. You
will have to rely on Naxos for your sculptures.

Wheat Farms will be required here. Without wheat, you cannot build the
horses that are required for Jason to make his appearance. You also
have to set aside some wheat for a colony.

Once Olive Oil becomes available (after you build the sanctuary), be
sure that your common housing gets some of it. This will allow them
to upgrade, and will allow for more people to move in, and you'll get
a larger workforce.

Put your Elite Housing block down once you have a supply of Olive Oil.

Since upgrading the common housing has boosted the workforce, you
should be able to build Triremes. Trireme Wharves need 100 employees
each, so if you don't have 300 employees, build another small common
housing block.

The Way of the Sickle (Corcyra Colony)

Goals: Sanctuary to Dionysus
32 Amphorae of Wine for Parent City
32 Sheaves of Wheat for Parent City
16 Pieces of Sculpture for Parent City

The Island of Corcyra is Dionysus' gift to you for helping him retrieve
the Horn of Amalthea. The island is the home of his nurse, Macris, who
is also one of Demeter's favority nymphs. As a result, this land is
doubly blessed - It is perfect for the cultivation of both grapes and
wheat. Dionysus is feeling generious and might reward you even further
if you build a sacred grove in his honor.


Combat won't be the focus on this level. Instead, you have to make
a working economy.

Start by building a common housing block. Iolcus will send you olive
oil, fleece, and wheat, so have a Storehouse and Granary to accept those

The faster you evolve your housing, the better. Do this with culture
access, the gifts of various goods, and appeal.

When you've got a fairly large workforce, start your wine industry.
You will need lots of cash so you can import the sculptures that you need
to build the sancturay for Dionysus, and the 16 you'll need for your
Parent city.

Once the wine industry is thriving, and you're getting plenty of cash
for exporting it, begin importing marble and wood. You'll also need that
to complete the sanctuary for Dionysus.

The Way of the Sword (Corinth Colony)

Goals: Support 2 Triremes
Support 12 Hoplites or better
Produce 36 suits of armor in one year

Since I didn't choose this level, I don't know the story leading into
it. The walkthrough is taken from the Official Zeus site.


One word: lava! In Corinth you are asked to build a big city replete with
large-scale industrialization and an Elite Housing district. But if you
happen to build this city in the wrong place, you are going to seriously
regret it. Why? Because a few years into the episode there is going to be
a huge earthquake and volcanic eruption in the northeast corner of the
playing area, right about where most people decide to do their building.
You can save yourself a lot of grief by planning your city with this in

Build your Common Housing block on the lower plateau near the southeast
corner of the playing area. Gifts of food, fleece, and olive oil from
Iolcus should be enough to get you started. Next build a large wheat
industry to supply food to your growing population. You may eventually
need to import fleece and olive oil, but for now you can survive off the
supplies sent from Iolcus.

As soon as your employment situation allows, set up a large bronze and
armor industry on the plateau containing the copper deposits. You will
need armor for your elite housing, for export, and for requests by
allies, particularly Iolcus. Also, develop a wine industry for exporting
and for supplying your Elite Housing.

You will need to set up a small Elite Housing district to support the
twelve hoplites required. You may want to wait until after the lava hits
so you can avoid having all your work destroyed. You will need only three
Manors to support the twelve hoplites.

Eventually, a huge earthquake will rip through the meadow. You can build
small bridges over the cracks in the ground, but there's not much point,
because soon the lava will come and make the ground it burns permanently
impassable. Afterwards, you can rebuild anything that was destroyed in
the land not eaten up by the lava flow.

To meet the armor production requirement, you will need nine or ten
Armories working full-tilt for a year. You can then harvest the
additional wood you need to build the two triremes.

You will probably be subjected to several invasions from your rivals. At
least some of these invasions will probably be by sea. One way to deal
with sea invasions is to try to sink the enemy transports before they
land. You can do this with triremes or with rabble units stationed along
the shoreline. The rabble will unleash a hail of stones and may be able
to sink the transport ships before they unload their deadly cargo.

When you have finished meeting the three goals, you will be sent back to
Iolcus to complete the adventure.

Iolcus Thrives

Goals: 4 Trading Partners
Sanctuary to Zeus
Population of 4000
Treasury of 10000
72 People in Residence

Iolcus is on the verge of becoming the pre-eminent power in all of Greece.
With a colony to call your own, you have begun to build a kingdom. Now,
you have begun to build a kingdom. Now, you must spread your influence
throughout Greece, making friends with those who treat you with respect
and putting down those who oppose you. As you near the end of your journey,
Iolcus will shine forth, and its power will not be eclipsed.

It is now time to thank Zeus for lifting the curse on your house and
enabling you to become a great leader. Building a sanctuary in his honor
is sure to please him, and he smiles upon you.


Tax Offices are finally available. Begin taxing the city as soon as you
can. The Elite Housing pays the most for taxes, so be sure that they
are passed by a clerk.

Try and get your Elite Housing some horses. Horsemen are better in combat,
and you will have a little bit of combat on this level, since you need
4 trading partners. Conquer Lemnos when you have a nice army. You will
now get them as a trading partner.

When you have the proper amount of marble, begin building Zeus' sanctuary.
Getting the goods could be troublesome. If you have a large army and
navy, you could raid the cities for large amounts of marble and sculptures.
Since you have Allies, you could just conquer them, and make them your
Vassals, thus paying you a tribute.

Conquer cities until you have your 4 required trading partners. After that,
just work on your Elite Housing to match the requirement.

Hercules' Labors

The Labors Begin

Goals: Produce 30 Skeins of Fleece in One Year
250 People in Tenement or Better
Treasury of 7,500

The Seer emerged from the Oracle at Delphi and uttered these words:
'I see two people walking together towards greatness. One of these
people is a hulking man, stronger than anyone else in the world. The
other person is incredibly good-looking and extremely smart. Hercules
is the muscle-bound man, a son of Zeus who has incurred the wrath of
Hera, Zeus' wife. She drove Hercules to madness, and he killed his wife
and children. Since that fateful day, he has traveled around Greece,
doing good deeds to atone for his sins.

'The incredibly good-looking and smart person is you. You are destined
to become the ruler of a great dominion, and some of the immortals
will call you friend. But that day is some time from now, and you have
much to do before that beautiful day dawns. Along the way, your fate
and Hercules' fate will be intertwined. His enemies will become your
enemies, his friends, your friends. Your path to glory begins with
establishing the city of Tiyrns in Argolis and introducing it to the

You'll have plenty of time to build Tiyrns into a thriving metropolis
later. If you try to build a large city now, you will have difficulty


Start a housing block near the immigrant entrance. Do not build a huge
city here. You can't afford to do it this early in the game. Instead,
concentrate on a few dozen houses. Just meet your requirement, that's
a good suggestion.

A thriving fleece industry will be very important. Fleece is needed for
the development of housing, thus other cities will want it (via trade).

To get the housing to the Tenement level, provide food, fleece, culture,
and some appeal. Exporting excess fleece would be wise, as it brings in
a little more money.

The Amazon World (Ephasus Colony)

Goals: Fulfill a forthcoming quest
18 Bars of Bronze for Parent City
8 Planks of Wood for Parent City

Traders from the amazon city of Cyme have told you about this spot, and
it is exactly as they described: rich in copper ore. Certainly no one
from Greece has ever ventured into this area, and it is rumored that the
Amazon capital is nearby. If the gods hear that you've discovered the
city, one of them just might ask you to find something else…


This colony is only here to provide wood and bronze, so you will not need
a large city here….it's more of a "work camp".

Throw down a housing block near the immigration point, and search for
urchins, which will provide you with some food. As I already mentioned,
a high housing development isn't really necessary. Tenement level
will be more than enough. You will, however, need a population of
1500 to call for Hercules, so he can take care of the quest.

Gods In The World

Goals: Slay a Monster
Sanctuary to any god

While you were busy establishing a colony, Hercules was headed for Troy
where he whisked Hesione, Princess of Troy, out of the jaws of
Poseidon's gruesome Kraken. How did Hesione manage to find herself in
this scrape? Her father, King Laomedon, refused to keep his promise to
pay Apollo and Poseidon for building the walls of Troy. So, the gods
punished Troy with plagues and floods, and the only way for Laomedon
to save his city was to sacrifice his daughter.

Now, Poseidon and Apollo are enraged that Hercules has meddled in their
affairs…and they are well aware of your connection to this hero! And
the Kraken, whose taste buds were primed for a bite of himan, is very
hungry. Elsewhere in the world, The Centaurs, who are always on the
look out for a new source of wine, have taken notice of you and your
kingdom. Trouble might not be far off!


Hercules seems to be causing more trouble than he's doing good at this
point in time. You'll have to think fast in a few situations here,
so be prepared.

You can export fleece and import olive oil from Lerna, so build a Trading
Post with them. Since you'll need to build a Sanctuary, you will need
some sculptures. So, you'll have to get some bronze if you're going to
make them. You'll also need wood for the Sanctuary.

For the remainder of the required goods for the Sanctuary, you'll have
yo wait for Mount Pelion to blossom. The Centaurs own Mount Pelion
and Mount Malea, so they will request wine.

Get ready for Kraken. You'll need to get Perseus for this job. With
Kraken wandering your waters, it's wise to keep an eye on where he is.
Keep any Piers somewhat empty, since Kraken will come along and tear it
to shreads.

Get your fleece industry going! A while back (different adventure) I
said that you should build a big cheese industry. Do the same with
fleece. You'll need to develop a large treasury for the upcoming colonies.
You should also find plenty of trading partners for the fleece.

The Hydra (Lerna Colony)

Goals: Slay a monster
Fulfill a forthcoming quest

Lerna is a place of great beauty, with fertile land perfect for the
cultivation of Olive Trees and Grapevines, and a lake filled with
plentiful fish - A perfect paradise except for creating little multi-headed
problem. The hideous Hydra stalks the shores of the lake, destroying
anything that comes in its path. Only your friend Hercules is strong
enough to dispatch this creature, and rumor has it Aphrodite is looking
for a hero to help her find some vegetable or fruit ot something. The
gods can be so hard to understand.


Hercules will be in demand on this episode. He's involved in both getting
the quest done and killing Hydra.

Lerna can produce olive oil and wine, but you'll need fleece for this
level. Fleece and olive oil, of course, are both needed to evolve your
housing. Wine will be needed for Hercules.

War with The Centaurs

Goals: Support 8 Hoplites or Better
Population of 2500

Did you ever hear the one about Hercules and Pholus? It seems that the
hero had wandered deep into the Centaur territory of Erymanthus in
pursuit of a boar when he grew quite thirsty. The Centaur Pholus was
willing to share his wine with Hercules, and they were soon raising flagon
after flagon of the beverage. It wasn't long before a horde of other
centaurs decided to join the party! One thing led to another, as things
usually do when there's wine involved, and Hercules slew many of them
in self-defense. The Centaurs, of course, are none too pleased and are
plotting their revenge against Hercules and anyone associated with him.


Increasing your population will be the first objective, if you don't
already meet the goal, that is. ^_^ In order to meet the Hoplite
requirement, you'll need armor and wine, since you have to develop a
small Elite Housing block.

The Fallen God (Lemnos Colony)

Goals: Population of 2000
Sanctuary to Aphrodite

Poor Lemnos was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once, Hephaestus
enraged Zeus by disobeying him. Zeus cast Hephaestus to the earth from
high atop Mount Olympus. Unfortunately for Lemnos, Hephaestus landed
right on top of it, and the impact stirred up the land so that what
once used to lie underneath it was now on top of it.

When Hephaestus tried to stand up after his fall, he found that he had
been lamed! It was useless for Hephaestus to try and retaliate against
Zeus - afterall, tangling with Zeus was what got him inito this mess
in the first place. So, Hephaestus decided to take his anger out on the
island that broke his fall, and he has been pounding the land ever since.

Due to the strange geography of Lemnos, getting food to your people can
be very time consuming. If your population grows too large, you'll have
trouble feeding everybody!


The way I chose my colonies was a little bit backwards, since in the
last one, we needed a population of 2500, and this one needs 2000.
Oh well, it makes this one that much easier I guess. ^_^

This is the land of mining. Silver and Marble will be key here.
Silver, of course, serves as a source of instant money. Marble
can be exported, given away as gifts, requested from Tiryns, and
used for the Sanctuary.

Surf's up, dude! No, really. Tidal waves will occasionally come to
shore, so be on the alert. Building the sanctuary faster is better.
Hephaestus will invade, and your city can't take punishment from him
forever. Get the sanctuary finished, so Aphrodite can deal with the

The Tables Have Turned

Goals: Population of 3000
Rule Mt. Pelion
Sanctuary to Zeus
40 People in Mansion or Better

It seems ages now since you first heard how your fate woule be
intertwined with Hercules. Many of the friends you had then are now
your enemies, and one of your oldest enemies has become your friend.
Nemea is now an ally, thanks to the exploits of the great Hercules,
who has killed a ferocious lion that was attacking the city. Grateful
Ronphus, Nemea's ruler, has begun rebuilding his decimated city.

The Amazons and Centaurs, who were once your friends, continue to cause
trouble and the time has come to exert your dominance over them.
Capturing Mount Pelion, a prominent Centaur stronghold, will send them
a loud and clear message that you are not to be trifled with.

Of course, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Apollo,
Poseidon, and Hephaestus still have [can't read my writing] plans to
extract revenge on you. His time to call Zeus, Hercules' father, to ensure
that these warring deities will never be able to harm the city again.


Get your elite housing as advanced as you can here, as the more Hoplites,
the better. You'll need them for overtaking Mount Pelion, since they
will be a source of marble, which is needed for the sanctuary to Zeus.

You will probably be attacked several times in this episode, so make sure
that you have armor to support the army. Defend your city until you meet
the rest of the requirements.

The Peloponnesian War

A Kingdom Reborn

Goals: 800 People in Homestead or Better

Not so long ago, Sparta was the greatest city in the Peloponnese.
Menelaus and his beautiful wife Helen ruled over all, and people
were content. But then, Paris of Troy abducted Helen, and a great
war broke out. Through cunning and strength, our soldiers won the
war, but things weren't the same when Menelaus returned to Sparta.
The city sooncrumbled, and only a few ruins remain of what was once
a glorious city.

The time has come to establish a new Sparta on new land! The new
Sparta will rise in glory and power, and one day eclipse the prestige
of the old Sparta!


Throw down a housing block near the immigration point. Build a Hunting
Lodge or two to get a little food in the city. When employment allows,
start wheat farms. You can export wheat to turn a profit, which will
be important.

Get some fleece into your city. You'll also need some culture and
appeal, and soon you'll meet the Homestead housing requirement.

Sparta On The Rise

Goals: Sanctuary to Ares
Rule Olympia

If we are to build a mighty army, our citizens must have some olive oil.
We don't seem to have any here in Sparta, but word is that puny city
Olympia makes it. We haven't had any fun in so long - let's go take
over Olympia and get their olive oil! We could probably get Corinth
to join us, andmaybe our beloved Ares will come along! Maybe Olympia
will get word of our plans and even try and attack us! Wouldn't that
be a gas?

Meanwhile, the cult of Dionysus is on the rise in Greece. Wine does have
its purpose - A drop or two can go a long way to quenching one's thirst.
But, why anyone would drink to excess is a mystery. Still, the drunken
lout seems to hold a strange appeal to others around the country, and
they would swoon at the mere mention of his name.

And, what is the rising in the east like the sun? We hear rumblings
of a new empire that is gaining some prominence.


Use all of the wheat that you're making to give as gifts to Thermopylai
and Athens, since they both produce marble, which you will need for the
sanctuary to Ares.

When making the sculptures for the sanctuary, you only need two, but you
can sell excess ones to Corinth. This will allow you to make additional
money, which can be used in the next episode.

Once you get Ares' Fortress built, conquer Olympia. It shouldn't take
much if you send Ares and his Guards.

War With Persia

Goals: 20 Skeins of Fleece for Colony
20 Sheaves of Wheat for Colony
2 Sanctuaries
80 People in Mansion or Better

The leader of that upstart empire causing so much trouble for those
feeble cities has finally reveiled himself. He calls himself Darius,
King of Persia, and he is quite a jokester. He has sent word that he
claims Sparta, along with the rest of Greece, as a subject! Maybe a
mere declaration of supiority is enough for wine-soaked cities like
Eretria to surrender, but that silly little ploy isn't going to work
on us!

I don't know why we've been dragged into this, because this is Athens'
problem anyway. The Athenians started a revolt in Ionia, and now that
Darius is attacking them in return, they realize that they've bitten
off more than they can chew. Gluttony just doesn't get you anywhere!

Hipponac of Corinth has the right ideas, though. He's planning on an
all-out attack on Sardis, the capital of those barbarian Persians.


This level will require you to make a large elite housing area. The
elite housing is required for the goal, of course, but it is also
necessary for defending your city as well as conquering other cities.
Elite housing also allows you to make more money. This is due to the
tax increase, which is quite large.

By now some common sense has come into play. Importing raw good and
making them into finished goods is much cheaper than just importing
the finished goods. Since acquiring all of the necessary goods for
an elite housing area can be expensive, try and make what you need by
importing things. As I've mentioned, the elite housing area is
important, and this episode allows you to build up to Estate level,
which will allow for four horsemen at a single estate. Horsemen
are a distinct advantage (2X as powerful as a hoplite), and it would
aid in your chances in defeating youe enemy.

If you choose Hephaestus for the sanctuary, he will provide you with
deposits of copper ore, which could be used for producing armor, which,
of course, will be used for your army.

The First Skirmishes (Taras Colony)

Goals: Fulfill a forthcoming quest
Rule Odessos

Taras looks to be the perfect place to station a Spartan army. Plus,
our spies have told us that somewhere in the vicinity is the city of
Odessos, Athens' source of wheat. If we can crush Odessos and cut off
Athens' food supply, then Athens' downfall is certain. And, our great
god Ares has promised to help us find Odessos if we help him to retrieve
something he wants!


Use the wheat and fleece you get from Sparta to get your city started.
You'll need to get a decent-sized common housing city here, as well as
an Elite Housing area. For food, go after the boars and go fishing.
You will need to grow grapes to produce wine. The wine will be needed
for Hercules and his hall. Once you've summoned him, you can export
any excess wine for profit.

You will have to do some importing of wheat, olive oil, and armor. These
things will be needed for the elite housing. Hold off on Hercules' Hall
until you've gotten your elite housing set up. Once Hercules returns from
his request, send everyone after Odessos, and you'll win this episode.

The First Skirmishes (Ithaca Colony)

Goals: Slay a Monster
Slay a Monster
Rule Delos
Support 2 Triremes

Since I didn't choose this level, I don't know the story leading into
it. The walkthrough is taken from the Official Zeus site.


Like Taras, Ithaca is made up of a string of islands. However, it has more
room on which to build. You're going to need it, since this episode
requires a lot of workers.

The introduction to Ithaca provides some good strategic hints. Two
fearsome monsters, both of which require Odysseus to be killed, will
terrorize you. Scylla is a particularly nasty monster who will make
it hard for you to gather food from the seas around Ithaca. Therefore,
make summoning Odysseus your primary goal. The requirements for his
Hall include:

- Excellent popularity
- Excellent city-wide health
- 8 elite houses
- 32 jugs of olive oil
- 16 amphorae of wine

As you can see, Odysseus is quite a demanding Hero. Focus on meeting
these requirements as quickly as possible.

Start by building your housing block not too far from the immigrant
entrance in the top-right corner of the playing area. Gather urchins
along the shore and set up Fisheries for additional food. Hint: you
can greatly increase the yield from urchin gatherers and fishermen
by following two rules. First, place the Fisheries and Urchin Quays
as close as possible to the food source. Second, place an "accepting"
granary right next to the buildings. These two steps can more than
double rate at which these workers gather and store food. To get food
to your housing, build a granary near the agora set to "get" fish and

Scylla will occasionally drop in on your coastal food industries and
mangle a few buildings. Be quick to replace any that are lost.

You will receive gifts of food and fleece from Sparta, so build a
Granary and Storehouse to store them. These should help you evolve
your housing up to Tenement level while you begin expanding your city.
You will eventually need to import fleece. To further evolve your
housing, import olive oil as well.

Set up a large marble industry. Marble can be exported to Elis and
Olympia. Note that Hermes will continuously harass Elis during the
episode, often cutting off trade with them. Still, even when you aren't
able to trade with Elis, you can send them gifts of marble to butter them
up, and then request goods or cash from them in return.

You will need fleece and olive oil just to place the eight elite houses,
in addition to the amount you will need stored to summon Odysseus. You
have a choice. You can import and/or request these goods early in the
mission, or you can take the time to develop triremes to raid your rivals
for the goods, as suggested in the introduction. Triremes require wood,
armor, and lots of workers. You can produce wood with Timber Mills. For
armor you can import it, request it, or manufacture it with imported
bronze. Importing bronze and exporting armor is also a good way to make
lots of money in Ithaca.

Whether you get the goods for Odysseus by guile or by force, move
quickly. Already Scylla is harassing your shores, and Cyclops is on the
way. To summon Odysseus, you also need to have excellent popularity.
Popularity can be seen on the overview control panel tab. Increase
popularity by lowering taxes and raising wages. Keep an eye on your
employment situation, since tinkering with wages affects the number of
workers in your workforce.

You also need to ensure that you have excellent citywide health. Use the
hygiene overlay in the hygiene and safety control panel to see which
houses need healer access.

Once you accomplish all these goals, summon Odysseus. Hopefully, you will
be able to do this before the Cyclops invades.

Having killed the monsters, you need only build two triremes (if you
haven't already) and conquer Delos. Sending the two triremes and Odysseus
should be enough, but if you throw in a few hoplites and maybe the help of
an ally, you will be sure to triumph. Then it's on the grand finale!

All Out War

Goals: Rule Athens
Rule Amphipolis
Rule Delos
Rule Eretria
50 People in Estate or Better

Athens has really gotten too big for its britches! They have attacked
Melos, killing all of its men and enslaving its women and children, for
refising to participate in that silly Delian League! It's up to us to
put an end to this foolishness! As soon as we conquer Athens, Amphipolis,
Delos, and Eretria, we can return the world to normal.


Just by looking at the name of this episode should give you an inclination
for what you'll be in for here. You will have to build up your Elite
Housing, because you will have a lot of military action to take on, and
I don't mean just offensive. You will be attacked from the various other
nations, so be prepared. You can use walls and whatnot to aid in the
defense of your city.

Some will attack via the sea, so try and sink the boats before they
land their troops.

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