People keep saying I don't like travel.
Which is a grave misconception of the utmost injustice.
I do enjoy travel, actually. As long as I'm actually travelling TO some place.
It's true, I hate this ill-conceived hippy-ish communist way-hey-go-lucky way of just going someplace and seeing what happens. Inevitably you end up in some french camping shithole drinking cheap wine and failing to get drunk. I know this cause i've been doing it since i was 4 with my family (minus the cheap wine - although i think my parents were trying). Also, there's many interesting and varied places I intend to travel to. And here they are! (so there!)

  • Athens and the greek islands (lil' boats on the sea :)
  • Barcelona (culture culture culture spanish guys are cute)
  • Most cities in northern italy (rome, trieste, verona, milan) preferably by car or bike or something roadtrippy
  • Dublin (irish accents :)
  • Glasgow/edinburgh/a random mountain (I don't know, it's just always seemed nice to me)
  • Atlanta (you know who you are :)
  • Havana (Represent cuba! would really like to go here before castro dies..)
  • Mexico (human sacrifice and mummies!)
  • Bali
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