Played And Finished

Baldur's Gate I & Tales of the Sword Coast
Damnation Memoriae
Savoir Faire
Sam & Max S1
Monkey Island 1-4
Gabriel Knight II
Best brainless game around!

Slime Volleyball
Gotta love those crazy slime bastards

Best and most beautiful text adventure ever, even for people who hate text adventures. Great great example of what can be done with the medium.

Jailbait on the I-O interstate
I really like Adam Cabre's text-adventure; this one is great, except a little raunchy (I don't mind tho)

A really short text-adventure. Okay, not so much an adventure as an outing, but still, definately worth it!

Princess Maker 2
This one is a little harder to find, but it's an excellent sim in whicn one has to raise a little girl to grow up to be a princess or (in Richard's case) a house wife. Excellent game. Not easy to find but it should be an easy download from Kazaa.

True Love
The same deal as Princess Maker, only now you're a male college student and your goal is to grow into a campus stud. But of course, this being a jap game, none of the girls will notice you until you are accomplished in every way. And yes, it's encredibly dodgy. (Also available from Kazaa).

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