Friends And Family

Family Larisa

Olara Lyrin of House Tepet (mother, dead)
Illarion Quintens of Peleps (father)

Ishtak Quintens of Peleps (uncle) (married to Mary-Rose Ley of Sesus)
Christian Ivar Quintens of Peleps (nephew, dead)
Fanir Quintens of Peleps (uncle) (married to …. of Nellens)

Swenna Lyrin (aunt) (married to …. of Ragara)
Arvan Lyrin (uncle) (unmarried)
Bari Lyrin (aunt)

Other Important Characters

Svaran of House Cynis (male friend)
Kira of House Nellens (female friend)

Al-Alanna of House Tepet (female class-mate)
Virne of House Ledaal (female class-mate)

Astor of House Ledaal (male class-mate)
Dolnar of House Sesus (male school-mate)
Goresch of House Cathak (male school-mate)

Jeb (male sailor)
Mart (male sailor)
Cabon (male sailor)

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