What makes a good restaurant?
1) price/quality of food
2) flexibility, like to combine appetizers, tapas, side salads, make my own size meal
3) Mood of place, not necc. calm or trendy or anything, just needs to be good

* (oh my god)

**** (My pick? i want to go there)

New mexico - Great tortilla's, soups and salads and a nice calm ambiance
de werf - Great food that is cheap, comfortable surroundings, blankies!
d'entreprise - A little too noisy, but very comfortable and great food! yummy salads for 10eur
viavia - solid food, nice terrace (inside unremarkable), always something else and great tapas

*** (Where? Yeh, sounds good)

basecamp - Really good chicken korma and nice starters, but too quiet to feel comfortable in
de kruimel - Big comfortable place with upscale belgian cookings
de clijne tafel - Sweet, great food, amazing red wine
lukemieke - lovely plate of veggieness, great desserts too.
cantina el coronel - Great, yummie, but a bit boring
rodins - The food on the terrace is the best ever, the food inside sucks
de wiering - good belgian food, but nothing special. sweet surroundings tho!
cafe manger - great tapas, unremarkable main dishes, nice woody surroundings
adelijke belofte - very fancy but nice! good food, very restful

** (hmm sure, i'll come along)

lange trappen - nice, big windows, but nothing good on the menu
't fonduehuisje - great with big groups for a night of fun, otherwise not very appetizing
metropole - comfortable place, boring menu
wok on air - great food, good price, horribly sterile place where ambiance comes to die
Fiere Margriet - Silly lunch place with cheap food the way you make it at home: not very presentable, not very good, but yummy
toeareg - Maroccan, good stuff but nothing special.
kalypta -
ananas&ramenas -
sportplaza - -
house of libelia - great fun for the experience and the food, but not much repeat value

* (do we have to go there?)

purpur - nice place but the menu sucks and it's overpriced. bu-bye!
domus - sucky service, boring and bland
nĂ´tre-dame - very sucky service, boring and bland
wok dynasty,
thai house,
quo vadis,

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